Ecoparque El Fenix

Vet checks

As many of you are aware, we are all working hard to make our plans a reality:

To implement a rehabilitation programme including new diet plans and the formation of a new social group. With the generous donations from our supporters we aim to construct a new enclosure in 2014. The enriched enclosure will aid with monkey rehabilitation by promoting natural tree climbing behaviours and socialization.

To ensure the physical well being of our monkeys during times of change, it is very important that we consult with veterinarians. The vet team will be measuring parasites and hormones in our monkey’s faeces. Use of faeces is an excellent way to measure health without invasive measures such as taking blood.

If you would like to help fund materials for the new enclosure please visit our ‘How you can help’ page for more information. Alternatively you can make a donation by emailing:

by Jes