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Petition to Remove the Spider Monkey Pet Guide from Amazon

Amazon recently listed for sale a new book entitled: “Spider monkey’s as pets. Spider monkeys complete owners guide: facts, adaptations, diet, health, costs, daily care and where to buy all included”. We believe this book should be removed from Amazon listings.


But why is this book bad-what if the book teaches primate owners how to look after their pet spider monkeys properly?


There are much better care guides available intended for sanctuaries that are available for free to the public. The guide available on our website is recognized by professional primate experts and provides good dietary advice without condoning the pet trade, and also illustrates the appropriate enclosures and social access and how these can not be met in a human home.

Spider monkeys typically disperse from their mothers at approximately 4-5 years of age, yet the book cover clearly illustrates a baby spider monkey which would still be reliant on its mother for milk and tactile comfort. The second (silhouette) monkey is a different species entirely. The author is not a primate expert, if he were then he would not condone such publications.

Primates are not good pets, the welfare and conservation implications are many.

Please ask Amazon to remove this book from their listings by signing the petition here:


Thank you,

Jes H. 

by Jes