Ecoparque El Fenix


Zulu is an adult female and mother to Ohana. Zulu was born at Ecoparque el Fenix but sadly her mother died during birth. She was raised by human caregivers, a necessary but regretful situation. Zulu now finds it difficult to integrate with other monkeys, a typical problem for monkeys raised with limited monkey socialization.


Zulu is very gentle and likes to be groomed. As she is the lowest ranking female of our social troop, she is often the last to be groomed by other monkeys. Zulu also has abnormal behaviour which she performs frequently, spinning in circles and pacing the enclosure. We believe this is due to the dependency she felt on humans during development, and is an issue we are striving to correct. When Zulu was born the Sanctuary was in its infancy and did not have the adequate support needed to make informed decisions as to the appropriate way to raise baby monkeys. Thus, we have  learned by mistakes and now socialize orphaned monkeys as early as possible, a strategy we were unable to provide when Zulu was born.

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