Ecoparque El Fenix


Ohana is a juvenile male. He was born at Ecoparque el Fenix two years ago. Son to Zulu, Ohana is the only male within our free ranging monkey group.


Ohana is extremely cheeky and clever. As a free ranging monkey, Ohana was raised with free access to trees and has become an excellent climber. His favourite game is to grapple with other young monkeys through the enclosure walls, but this often leaves him frustrated as he can not play properly through wire mesh. When Ohana gets frustrated trying to play he performs  abnormal behaviours. With plans to build a new social enclosure in 2014, we hope to introduce Ohana to his friends permanently, increasing his social skills and stopping his frustration induced abnormal behaviours.


If you would like to help fund construction of the new social enclosure please visit our ‘How to help’ page for more information or pledge a donation on-line: