Ecoparque El Fenix


Nino was bought illegally by his owners who used him to protect their most valued resource: Water. Tied by a chain to the villages water tank, he was starved and taunted by humans to promote territorial aggressive behaviour. After years of neglect Nino was rescued by Ecoparque el Fenix.


Since the start of his new life in the safety of the sanctuary, Nino has made dramatic progress and now enjoys the human company of our Zoo Keepers whom he likes to groom. Unfortunately his territorial pacing and male dominance displays  still persist, an abnormal repetitive behaviour that is present even in the absence of humans. Public donations have so far helped to alleviate some of his distress by providing enrichment such as swings and ladders, that he can play and rest on. We hope with continued support he will fully recover.

If you would like to help fund Nino’s rehabilitation please visit our ‘How to help’ page for more information or pledge a donation on-line: