Ecoparque El Fenix


Gorda is an adult female. She was donated to Ecoparque el Fenix by her previous owners who could no longer manage her behaviour as she reached sexual maturity. Unfortunately this is the most common outcome of illegally purchasing a pet monkey.


Gorda prefers a life of quiet in her tree rather than being with other monkeys. Social isolation is unnatural  for spider monkeys and should not be condoned in any captive program. Unfortunately several attempts to integrate Gorda with other monkeys resulted in her escape and return to her own tree. Until we feel Gorda is ready to approach other monkeys we will allow her to choose her housing, but with encouragement and support we feel positive that she will reach social rehabilitation.


If you would like to help fund Gorda’s social rehabilitation please visit our ‘How to help’ page for more information or pledge a donation on-line: