Ecoparque El Fenix


Like many of our monkeys, Ciriaca was donated to Ecoparque el Fenix when she reached sexual maturity and her owners could no longer manage her behaviour.


Ciriaca is a monkey with attitude and has a very comical personality. She is the dominant female within the free ranging monkeys at Ecoparque el Fenix and recruits the help of Ohana to raid the food shelter and even our own kitchen. Ciriaca has subsequently developed obesity which has caused her to loose the agile mobility seen in wild spider monkeys. Ciriaca has difficulty in walking as her large stomach separates her hips, putting strain on her legs. Ciriaca needs a specialized diet to help her loose weight and an introduction to a social colony. Plans for a new social enclosure to be built in 2014 will enable her to have a monitored diet and increased social interactions. Living in an enriched enclosure will increase her activity patterns and help her to loose weight.


If you would like to help fund the construction of a new social enclosure please see our ‘How to help’ page for more information or pledge a donation on-line: