Ecoparque El Fenix


Ecoparque el Fenix needs dedicated people to help with the daily activities. Sanctuary roles are not hands on with the primates; they include enclosure maintenance, enrichment and environmental education; any of these tasks benefit the monkeys, crocodiles and Ecoparque el Fenix´s wildlife greatly.

Please view project opportunities available for both national and international volunteers:


Involvment of students from different academic levels is very important for conservation. The Sanctuary validates dissertations for both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for those undertaking their Phd thesis. We are very happy to have worked with students from National College of Anthropology and History, CETIS 20, CETMAR, and Ibero (Puebla, MC), Huixquilican University.

Professional practices:

Ecoparque el Fenix has  had the pleasure of accepting many students for work experience, as well as validating professional practices. This not only aids in the students career experiences but supports the sanctuary in meeting the daily needs of the monkeys, crocodiles and wildlife.

???????????????????????????????Environmental Education Web:

As part of the Environmental Education Web program the Sanctuary provides training to rural teachers about the importance of crocodiles and their habitats for maintained ecological biodiversity.

Centre for scientific outreach:

Ecoparque el Fenix is dedicated to providing information on the importance of wetland habitats with particular reference to how they influence climate change. This project is run by Ecoparque el Fenix and has received support from the United Nations-PPD-PNUD (funds for environments).




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