Ecoparque El Fenix

Fund raise

Fundraising is a great way to make plans a reality, and so far there have been some inspiring  people joining our efforts.

 With many exciting sponsored events planned for the next year we hope to reach our target of £3000 to build a new enclosure, construct new enrichment furnishings and repair worn exhibits.

Box Mines 3.8.13 (2)

Thank you to everyone who has kindly helped so far, and for those reading about our work with primate rehabilitation. Education and action are key to improve the lives of our monkeys and stop the illegal pet trade.


Past events

To raise money for the monkeys of Ecoparque el Fenix, Dave Bull, Thom Undrell, Nicholas Hall and Rob Coltman (from West Sussex, ENGLAND) went caving in Britains largest network of …

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Merchandise stalls

 Robyn Caules (from East Sussex, ENGLAND) has been making beautiful monkey signs and selling our merchandise in her local community. Thank you for being so creative on behalf of our …

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