Ecoparque El Fenix

How to help

In the coming year, Ecoparque el Fenix wants to make some big changes for the monkeys. With plans to build a new social enclosure to promote natural locomotion and socialization, new diet plans and an enrichment scheme, Ecoparque el Fenix hopes to establish a successful rehabilitation program for its recovering monkeys.


To make this a reality Ecoparque el Fenix kindly asks for your support. For ideas on how to get involved please explore the following pages:


One-off donations are always welcome and help to feed the monkeys and purchase materials for enclosure maintenance. It is through the kind donations of our visitors that we have been …

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Food donations

  Spider monkeys and howler monkeys eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables in captivity. With so many mouths to feed, food donations are always welcome. If you live in the …

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Ecoparque el Fenix needs dedicated people to help with the daily activities. Sanctuary roles are not hands on with the primates; they include enclosure maintenance, enrichment and environmental education; any …

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Monkey gifts

Ecoparqe el Fenix is always looking for ways to benefit local communities as well as our monkeys. We are please to offer for sale, a selection of merchandise all sourced …

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The adoption scheme directly supports our environmental education program at Ecoparque el Fenix. Your adoption fee contributes to animal welfare and to decrease the wildlife demand as pets. With your contribution …

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Fund raise

Fundraising is a great way to make plans a reality, and so far there have been some inspiring  people joining our efforts.  With many exciting sponsored events planned for the next …

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