Ecoparque El Fenix


Ecopark el Fenix has a dedicated team of human primates helping to run the monkey sanctuary, crocodile breeding programme and educational centre.


906175_449761988435119_879628987_oLourdes Rodríguez


Director of the organization MAREA Azul, and head of Ecoparque el Fenix; Lourdes has been dedicating efforts for decades to the protection of wildlife and their ecosystems, in the area of Campeche, Mexico.


318182_10150699215097450_812342060_nAle Duarte

MSc in Primate Conservation graduated from Oxford Brookes University, and a field primatologist of over ten years, as well as supporting the Ecoparque´s conservation efforts. Ale Duarte also teaches primatology topics at the National College of Anthropology and History, in Mexico City and her students find in Ecoparque el Fenix, a place for developing the skills learned at the University.

Projects: primate illegal trade, animal welfare, environmental education.


1069130_10152984454360587_1128518541_n (1)Jes Hooper

MSc Primate Conservation graduated from Oxford Brookes University, Jes Hooper works in benefit of the monkeys at the Ecopark. She focusses her efforts in the abnormal behaviours expressed by the rescued monkeys, as a result of their life history.  Jes’ research is contributing to the implementation of a rehabilitation program to promote natural behaviours in the rescued primates. In 2014 Jes successfully implemented a population wide enrichment program which resulted in all primates reducing or abandoning stereotypic behaviour, and increasing social behaviours.

Project: primate abnormal behaviour, rehabilitation program.

You can read about Jes’ progress at Ecoparque el Fenix on her blog ‘A world of Primates’ here:



Flavio Torres

Physical Anthropology student, developing a parasite transmission study involving human and nonhuman primates, for his degree. His study contributes to animal welfare improvements at the sanctuary, highlighting management issues that need attendance.

Project: Primate parasitism


Fidel Gonzalez & Bere Franco

Biologists providing technical support for the flora and fauna species housed in the Ecopark. Their work will produce signage to enrich the visitor´s experience and will impact directly in the way they perceive the ecosystem and it´s wildlife.

Project: Signage and wildlife identification.


Brenda Carbrera & Pamela Reyes

Ethnology students, designing educational material for different levels, as well as a teacher´s guide with information on rainforests and its primates, with complementary activities to reinforce the knowledge acquired while visiting the Ecopark.

Project: Educational Handouts


Robyn Caules

Heads our fundraising team in UK. She aims to raise awareness of the ecological importance of primates and the illegal pet trade issues, to change attitudes and perceptions of people towards monkeys. An advocate of team work, Robyn organizes fundraising events, reaching different audiences.

All money raised through her efforts goes towards the construction of a new enclosure for primate rehabilitation.

Project: fundraising


Beth Nicklinson

Her skills in social media are used as an educational resource to reach a worldwide audience. Through our fundraising page on Facebook, and sanctuary page on twitter, we can share information on primate conservation issues, such as the illegal pet trade or habitat destruction. Social media is a useful resource for education and outreach.

Project: social media, Twitter, Facebook