Ecoparque El Fenix

2014 Plans

In 2014 we aim to make some big changes to Ecoparque el Fenix. The sanctuary team have been busy designing new enclosure adaptations, to improve our rehabilitation facilities.


This is currently what our enclosures look like today: 


phase1 c

This is what our new design will look like by summer 2014:


phase 2 c


Our primary aim is to repair damage to the existing frame work. Years of monkey business has weakened the wire mesh and much of the exterior will need replacing.

The new enclosure adaptations involves the development of a double-door system and an indoor sheltered enclosure. This will permit Zoo Keepers to enter the main enclosures when the monkeys are in the indoor area, completely avoiding monkey-human contact. It is important that our monkeys adapt to living with their own species, to promote natural social behaviour. The lack of human contact for our monkeys is vital to prevent disease transmission and to decrease human dependency.

The indoor enclosures are designed to withstand our hurricane season, allowing for a safe and comfortable environment all year round.

New social groups will also be formed to replicate natural fission-fusion sociality. Smaller group sizes will decrease competition for food and space, and the separation of obese and under-weight monkeys will allow for distribution of specific diets to improve overall physical health and well being.

 If you would like to aid in our new plans, please explore our ‘How to Help’ pages for more information.